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The fragrance of nature gently drifts through the sanctuary creating an array of heady, floral scents that caresses the beautiful and gentle wings of butterflies. We adore butterflies and our goal is to share our passion for the pollinators with our guests in a sustainable and responsible way. We only accommodate up to 10 guests per tour to ensure excellent personal service, health, safety and an unforgettable experience for all of our patrons. We’re proud to have the most passionate guides in Puerto Vallarta on our Team; we all just love what we do! We are convinced that by sharing our love and passion for the pollinators and the natural heritage, we can raise awareness of the importance to protect this beautiful paradise.


Know, that by visiting and supporting our project, you help the local biodiversity, neighborhood communities, allow us to sponsor student’s visits, contribute to conservation of threatened environments, promote sustainability, foster respect towards the natural world, and much, much more. Get ready to experience the beauty of nature close hand and let your imagination run wild in this extraordinary place, which was created with lots of love and passion. Let the adventure begin – discover, learn, protect, marvel…

Butterfly Garden Self-Guided Visit

If you love experiencing solo, a self-guided walking visit to our butterfly sanctuary would be perfect for you. You’ll be free to take a stroll at your own pace through our charming subtropical sanctuary filled with breathtaking species of butterflies from the Banderas Bay region and admire the local biodiversity up close.

Butterfly Garden Group Guided Tour

Enjoy an unforgettable encounter with nature in all its beauty and diversity, lead by the most passionate guides in Puerto Vallarta, while learning about the miraculous life of butterflies. As a highlight, at the end of the tour, you will release a newborn butterfly and give it the first flight of its life!

Butterfly Garden Private Guided Experience

Take a stroll through our enchanted subtropical sanctuary filled with breathtaking species of butterflies and plants from the Banderas Bay region, accompanied by a private guide reviling the fascinating and captivating facts about these mesmerizing little creatures while taking the most spectacular photos.

Butterfly Garden Group Guided Tour with Transport

We will meet across from Sheraton Hotel and take the public transport to the butterfly sanctuary filled with hundreds of native plants and butterflies from Banderas Bay. You will experience a memorable encounter with nature in all its beauty and diversity, led by the most passionate guide in Vallarta, while learning about the unique life of butterflies.

Butterfly Garden Exclusive Private Excursion & Transport

Do you love to discover and learn while traveling? Then this adventure has been designed just for you. See what makes our Mother Nature so special, explore with an expert tour guide and experience Vallarta’s biodiversity like most visitors never get the chance! You will release newborn butterflies and grant them first flight of their life!

Butterfly Garden Kids Adventure

Hypnotic experience that allows kids to make the most of their creativity and imagination, this fun / learning experience is perfect. There is so much to discover in our sanctuary, from finding butterfly eggs, observing caterpillars, identifying host plants, species symbiosis, to differentiating between genus and much more…

VIP City & Butterfly Sanctuary Adventure

With us, you’ll experience more than a “postcard” Puerto Vallarta. For an immersive encounter that allows you to make the most of your acquaintance with Vallarta, its history, vibrant culture, arts, indelible traditions and nature, this one-of-a-kind specially tailored privately guided experience of the butterfly garden & a city escapade is a must.

Exclusive Cocoa Garden & Butterfly Sanctuary Escapade

For an immersive encounter that allows you to make the most of your acquaintance with Vallarta’sheritage, deep culture, vibrant arts, indelible traditions and natural world, this specially crafted privately guided experience of the butterfly sanctuary and a cocoa
garden escapade is not to be missed.

Macro Photography Workshop at the Butterfly Sanctuary

Puerto Vallarta is a tropical and abundant paradise, perfect for nature lovers! With exotic flowers, butterflies and more, there is no better destination for a macro photography adventure! At Butterfly Sanctuary where we will be shooting, you will find over 30 different species of butterflies to snap as well as many colorful and exotic flora.

Butterfly Sanctuary Gift Certificates

When meaningful matters, give a gift certificate! Not only does the recipient receives a gift certificate, but together you make a real contribution to conservation of our local pollinators and biodiversity. Our gift certificates are easy to send and awesome to receive. Share the inspiration of caring for and protecting our fragile environment.
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