Our Love


Come, and you will leave in awe at the breathtaking, velvety way a butterfly looks, the changes in color that take place when the sun is shining on its delicate wings in such a manner that makes them radiate exquisiteness and grace. We dare you to accurately describe such a wonderful experience! Visit our 33 seasonal and permanent inhabitants, and you will understand why our magical garden is truly an enchanting mix of magnificence, dreaminess and peace that is brought alive by the amazing environment which is enhanced by colors that only Great Mother Nature herself can create. In our sanctuary colors are never still, and just like our butterflies, plants and flowers are always renewing themselves. You will have an opportunity to release a newborn butterflies and grant them first flight of their life!

Agraulis vanillae

Gulf Fritillary
Mariposa Pasionaria

Anartia fatima

Banded Peacock
Mariposa Pavoreal

Anartia jatrophae

White Peacock
Mariposa Pavoreal Blanca

Archaeoprepona demophon

One-spotted Prepona
Mariposa Hojarasca de Una Mancha

Ascia monuste

Great Southern White
Mariposa Blanca

Battus polydamas

Polydamas Swallowtail
Mariposa Cola de Golondrina de Borde Dorado

Chlosyne lacinia

Bordered Patch
Mariposa de Parche Bordeado

Colobura dirce

Dirce Beauty
Mariposa Laberinto

Danaus eresimus

Soldier / Tropical Queen
Mariposa Soldado

Danaus gilippus

Queen Butterfly
Mariposa Reina

Dione juno

Dione Juno / Juno Silverspot
Mariposa Pasionaria de Alas Largas

Dryas iulia

Julia Butterfly
Mariposa Flama

Euptoieta claudia

Variegated Fritillary
Mariposa Organillo Oscura

Hamadryas amphinome

Red Cracker
Mariposa Tronadora Roja

Hamadryas februa

Gray Cracker
Mariposa Tronadora Gris

Hamadryas guatemalena

Guatemalan Cracker
Mariposa Tronadora de Guatemala

Heliconius charithonia

Zebra Longwing
Mariposa Cebra de Alas Largas

Heliconius erato

Red Postman
Mariposa de Bandas Carmesí

Historis acheronta

Tailed Cecropian
Mariposa Lumbrera Coluda

Kricogonia lyside

Lyside Sulphur
Mariposa Azufre Guayacana

Marpesia petreus

Ruddy Daggerwing
Mariposa Alas de Daga Naranja

Microtia elva

Elf Butterfly
Mariposa Duende

Morpho polyphemus

White Morpho
Morfo Blanca Alas de Ángel

Opsiphanes tamarindi

Heliconia Owlet
Mochuelo Heliconia

Papilio rumiko

Western Giant Swallowtail
Mariposa Cometa Golondrina Gigante

arides photinus

Red-spotted Cattleheart
Mariposa Corazón de Manchas Rojas

Phoebis philea

Orange-barred Sulphur
Mariposa Azufre de Bandas Naranja

Phoebis sennae

Cloudless Sulphur Mariposa Azufre Sin Nubes

Protographium epidaus

Mexican Kite Swallowtail
Mariposa Cometa Golondrina Mexicana

Protographium philolaus

Dark Zebra Swallowtail
Mariposa Cometa Golondrina Negra

Siderone galanthis

Scarlet Leafwing
Mariposa Hojarasca Escarlata

Siproeta stelenes

Malachite Butterfly
Mariposa Malaquita

Smyrna blomfildia

Blomfild's Beauty
Mariposa Bonita Americana